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Efatbike m/Opladet batteri
  • Efatbike m/Opladet batteri(ca. 4 hours/40km)Tilgængelige: 10 pladser
  • 799 DKK (24 timer) Ekstra batteri medfølger(max 24 timer)Tilgængelige: 10 pladser
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Elcykkel lån, Pr. Batteri (ca. 4 hours/40km)

FATWAVE beach cruiser High Step electric bike

Fatwave is a vintage electric beach cruiser with a Californian look. This beach cruiser electric bike will be ideal in the sand, against the wind or on the hills, on rough terrain, on asphalt, snow … the FATWAVE electric bike goes everywhere. It is a comfortable fatbike, offering a very safe driving position, it is perfectly suited for your daily trips in town and your walks by the sea, in the forest or in the mountains. Equipped with large 26 x 4 inch wide tires mounted on reinforced rims. The 500-watt rear-hub motor helps you out when you need it most, throwing you fast to 35 km / h.

AdvenTours is a local business that offers e-fatbikes for rent in Kangerlussuaq. For those wanting to get some exercise while on vacation, this is the perfect way to explore the backcountry along the gravel roads that lead to many of the top attractions around the town. They have 10 bikes with 5 extra batteries, and both multi-bike and multi-day rental is possible. Afternoon guided tours are also available.


Cycling holiday in Kangerlussuaq

Yes, you read that right.

It is possible to go on a cycling holiday in Kangerlussuaq, where you as a individual or group can rent efatbikes for several days and experience various attractions in and around the Unesco World Heritage Site Aasivissuit – Nipisat and other sights such as the ice cap and wildlife up close.

Efatbikes are rented out to people over the age of 18.

Cykelferie i Kangerlussuaq

Ja, du læste rigtigt.

Det er muligt at tage på cykelferie i Kangerlussuaq, hvor du som individuel, eller som gruppe kan leje efatbikes i flere dage og opleve forskellige attraktioner i og omkring Unesco World Heritage Site Aasivissuit – Nipisat og andre seværdigheder såsom indlandsisen og dyrelivet på nært hold.

Efatbikes udlejes til personer over 18 år.

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